FADEL is the abbreviation of De Luca’s woodworking, established in the year 2000 as a natural evolution, in an industrial logic and a long experience in the wood industry since 1908.
Specialized in the design and manufacture of interior doors, made with top quality materials, environmentally friendly processes, employs FADEL look to the future and to technological innovation, without forgetting the attention to the typical details of traditional craftsmanship.

The finest timbers, the finest veneer, the water-based lacquers, open-pore finish, the multiplicity of lines and custom-made solutions lend outside FADEL a stylish look and custom, which transforms purely functional element in a fine piece of furniture.
Besides the wide range of doors, from the most classic models to those of design, FADEL offers a series of coordinates such as false ceilings, countertops, walk-in wardrobes and skirting, studied and designed specifically to give harmony to your home.


The production process of FADEL, a low environmenta impact for the exploitation of solar energy, is performed by qualified workers with qualified skills on a total surface of over 3000 sqm. (square meters).

A large and well equipped exhibition space enables the immediate visibility of our products in all its possible forms.